Agenda day one

Day one - 12 January 2022

13:30 - Registration and check-in, with refreshments and a light lunch 

15:00 - C&IT Welcome 
Speaker: Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT

15:30 - Agenda and speakers to be revealed 

17:00 - Free time 

18:30 - Dinner & drinks reception 

22:00 - Close of day one

Agenda day two

Day two - 13 January 2022

09:00 - Registration 

09:30 - Opening remarks
Speaker: Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT

09:35 - Presentation: SOTI 2021- key findings: What does the industry look like post-Covid?

Editor Calum Di Lieto shares key findings from C&IT’s flagship State of the Industry report for 2021. From increasing challenges when dealing with procurement and a shortage of talent, to more positive outlooks on the restart of incentives and predictions for the future of the industry.

Speaker: Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT

09:50 - Keynote: What can we learn from TV broadcasters? 

Between on-demand and hybrid, events are becoming increasingly like content streaming providers. In the age of Netflix and Twitch, what lessons can we learn from TV broadcasters when it comes to providing the entertaining and immersive experience that discerning viewers expect?

Speakers: to be revealed

10:20 - Networking break 

10:35 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings (3x meetings) 

11:35 - Q&A: Keeping agency culture alive

Long periods of home-working and furlough mean maintaining work culture has been difficult. We hear from an agency on how they engaged their staff during the pandemic, kept their team together and kept the culture of their agency alive.

Speaker: Rick Stainton, Founder and Group Executive Director, Smyle

12:05 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings (3x meetings) 

13:05 - Lunch 

14:00 - Why and how agencies must choose people and planet over profit

2021 has been a big year for sustainability. Clients are hotter on CSR than ever, and COP26 asks big questions about how we can prevent global warming. Sledge will put forward a compelling argument for why now is the time for businesses to act and to prioritise people and our planet.

Speaker: Sarah Yeats, Managing Director, Sledge

14:30 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings (3x meetings) 

15:30 - Networking break 

15:45 - Panel: Marketing your agency 

As the industry moves into a period of recovery and growth, event planners are hungry for new business. Marketing your agency successfully is paramount to establish your expertise and demonstrate your value. A panel of experts weighs in on everything from social media to whitepapers, answering, what is the best way to get your name out there?

Speakers: James Bacon, Marketing Events & Travel, We Are MEaT
Georgia Cross, Marketing and PR Manager, Cheerful TwentyFirst
Anthony Kelly, Founder & Chief Marketer, Measurable Marketing Consultancy
Helen Carmichael, Business Development Director, The Collective, BCD Meetings & Events

16:25 - Closing remarks 

Speaker: Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT

Evening experience to be confirmed

Agenda day three

Day three - 14 January 2021

09:00 - Welcome back 
Speaker: Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT

09:15 - Case study: How to successfully engage both digital and live delegates

As more delegates opt to attend events remotely, how can agencies curate the same high end experience for both digital and live? This case study will examine the dos and don’ts, what works best for digital and live delegates and how both audiences can be brought together.

Speakers: to be revealed

09:45 - Networking break 

10:00 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings (3x meetings) 

11:00 - Session 2: Roundtable: The event planner of the future

Many planners have left the industry, employees have different demands and priorities, and students are opting for courses which guarantee a job. Led by a recruitment expert, this discussion will ask, what might this new cohort of event planners look like and how can agencies attract and retain them? 

Speakers: to be revealed

11:40 - Networking break 

11:55 - Panel: How to sell sponsorship for digital events

Digital events offer a wealth of opportunities when it comes to selling sponsorship deals. Hear from an expert panel about what and how you can sell, and how to use the reams of digital data at your fingertips to offer concrete ROI and engagement guarantees.

Speakers: Jessica Brown, Senior Director of Strategy, Opus
Kate Hutchinson, Founder and Managing Director, Secret Event Service

12:35 - Lunch

13:30 - Pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings (3x meetings)

14:30 - RSVP live 

Speakers: to be revealed

15:00 - Closing remarks and end of event
Speaker: Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT