Chris Parnham

Managing Director, Absolute Corporate Events
Chris has been in the events industry for 25 years, holding senior, owner and
director posts for large corporates and agencies. In recent years Chris has been
voted amongst the top 5 in the C&IT Power 50, and Director of the Year by the IoD.
He has an MBA in Communication Strategy, and is a Chartered Director.  Chris
spent two years as Chairman of the HBAA, and now works with a number of Industry
Associations and Advisory Boards. After 5 years as Managing Director at Zibrant,
when the company recorded its highest turnover and profits, he left to acquire
Absolute Corporate Events where he has been owner and Managing Director since
2013. In 2019 ACE celebrated 400% growth since Chris became owner and is listed
at Number 10 in the UK’s Top Incentive Agencies. This year ACE have been
recognised in the top 20 UK Incentive Agencies, the Top 10 fastest growing
agencies, and one of the Best Agencies to Work for (Silver Award)