Paighton Moran

Make Events

Make Events are a live events and brand communications agency. Our aim is to help brands engage their employees and connect with their customers or consumers through the medium of live events. We live and breathe our strapline – Create the Ultimate Experience. We believe that by creating the ultimate experience for our customers, staff and suppliers we can achieve great things. Aim for attending: In my PDP at Make Events one of my goals was to attend industry events and create my own personal brand. To do this I would like to educate myself more on the current trends of the Event Industry and attend more networking events which will result in becoming more known. I personally think I would benefit from attending this event as it will help me achieve my personal and career goals. Role: My role is an Event and Venue Co-ordinator. I support producers and Senior Producers with projects as well as my own projects and I am also 1 of 3 venue finders in the team for client and to build great relationships with venues and suppliers. Annual spend: Unknown

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